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We are about the process. Defining the process we build brands, products and companies. We’ve valued the process enough to name our company PROCESS. 

We connect vision with results by combining expertise in both design and manufacturing.


Packaging design and manufacturing.

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Urban Bloom

Creating a new voice and refining strategy in a predictable market.

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From business development to manufacturing, to packaging and design, we aim to make a significant impact on your brand.

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Our Approach

Discuss Opportunity
& Advantages

Market Landscape Analysis

& Design

Product Design
& Manufacturing

& Distribution Mapping

Sales Team

Successful manufacturing supporting end consumers directly impacts the bottom line.


Is Your Packaging Safe From COVID-19?

Is Your Packaging Safe From COVID-19?

COVID-19 and your packaging - is it safe to handle? Your packaging likely passes through 20+ hands before it arrives to your customer: the factory workers that created the packaging, the packers that load the packing onto a truck, the truck drivers that unload the...

5 Common Mistakes Made by Package Designers

5 Common Mistakes Made by Package Designers

As designers, we strive to create great artwork projects and refine the details. Packaging design elements like foil, soft touch, embossing, and UV have become a common focus in defining our art work. What we often forget about are the production elements we need to...

The Best Ways to use Spot UV on Packaging

The Best Ways to use Spot UV on Packaging

How to Customize Packaging with Spot UV When designing custom packaging or boxes there are certain varnishes and finishes that are go-to's in order to achieve a custom look and feel. One of the most popular and effective techniques is applying spot UV varnish. In this...


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Identify Opportunities
Define Road Map
Develop Program Assets