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Design + Manufacturing

We are about the process. Defining the process we build brands, products and companies. We’ve valued the process enough to name our company PROCESS. 

We connect vision with results by combining expertise in both design and manufacturing.


Packaging design and manufacturing.

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Urban Bloom

Creating a new voice and refining strategy in a predictable market.

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Case Studies

From business development to manufacturing, to packaging and design, we aim to make a significant impact on your brand.

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Our Approach

Discuss Opportunity
& Advantages

Market Landscape Analysis

& Design

Product Design
& Manufacturing

& Distribution Mapping

Sales Team

Successful manufacturing supporting end consumers directly impacts the bottom line.


Reddit Packaging for Viral Marketing Campaign

Reddit Packaging for Viral Marketing Campaign

How do you build a packaging and unboxing experience with something simple and cheap like cardboard? Paul Heslop shows us how a few years back when cat memes were the most trending topic on Reddit. We took a traditional cardboard type box and built an unboxing...

Nixon Watch Box Design Lasts 10+ Years

Nixon Watch Box Design Lasts 10+ Years

This Nixon Watch Box was designed over a decade ago and is still in circulation. If there is packaging that should be made truly 'timeless' it might as well be watch packaging. Paul Heslop sits down with Thomas Lee of Process Agency to breakdown this packaging design...

The ‘Apple’ of Bong Industry Packaging

The ‘Apple’ of Bong Industry Packaging

illadelph produces and manufactures high end and custom bongs for the cannabis industry. These bongs are hundreds of dollars and even up to $1,000. A premium product - needs premium packaging. In this episode, Paul Heslop tells us how Process Agency took illadelph’s...

Packaging Behind the World’s Most Expensive Mug (Ember)

Packaging Behind the World’s Most Expensive Mug (Ember)

How do you package the world’s best and one of the most expensive mugs in the market? How do you position your product packaging to be ready to sell in Apple Stores? Paul Heslop analyzes, breaks down and shows what makes Ember Mug’s packaging so great. Paul will share...


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Recognize Challenges
Identify Opportunities
Define Road Map
Develop Program Assets