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Proper Brewing featured on The Die Line
Recently our work for Utah based Proper Brewing Co. was featured on packagings holy grail website The Dieline. ​
5 Common Mistakes Made by Package Designers
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The Best Ways to use Spot UV on Packaging
How to Customize Packaging with Spot UVWhen designing custom packaging or boxes there are certain varnishes and finishes that are[...]
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Increase Perceived Packaging Value with Foil Stamping
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5 Custom Retail Packaging Design Hacks
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GoalZero’s Custom Retail Packaging
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Custom VIP Packaging: Adding Value to a Product
Who doesn’t like feeling like a VIP? We can all agree that a touch of special treatment is never a[...]
Sustainable Plastic Packaging: Stepping It Up a Notch
Ernie Ball is the brand behind the greatsErnie Ball, The world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories, has been[...]
Custom Wood Packaging: Packaging for Aesthetic, Not Features
Founded on the dream to do good, Barebones has developed high-quality products to help provide the basic needs around the[...]
Sustainable Wood Packaging Elevates Salt of the Earth
Who is Salt of the Earth?Utah based, Salt of the Earth, is a locally owned company that emerged simply from[...]
Custom Beer Packaging Creates a New State Icon
The story behind the Brand: Proper Brewing CoProper Brewing Co is a Salt Lake City based brewery that takes cracking[...]
Custom Wooden Packaging and How it Can Boost Product Sales
In the world of retail, judging a book by its cover is the mentality of consumers. Packaging can be the[...]
Eco-Friendly PET Plastic Packaging and Ernie Ball Tuners
Ernie Ball is infamous for their world class guitar strings and pedals. Being the world’s leading manufacturer of strings and[...]
How to Design Retail & E-commerce Packaging
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How to Increase Perceived Value with Custom Packaging
Sometimes product is not enough. For Salt of the Earth, the problem was that their high end lotions and mineral[...]
How to Collaborate with Retail Brands Using Promotional Products
New Balance came to ProcessAG with an idea. Their Numeric brand, which focuses on producing prestigious performance footwear for skateboarding,[...]
5 Reasons to Custom Produce Your Next Marketing Product
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Raw Material Packaging Makes a Difference with Marley
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How Online Retail has Reinvented Packaging
As we all know, online shopping has become the norm. We shop online with no hesitation and the internet is[...]