Process Agency

Business Development

Find the opportunity and how to act on it.

Identifying the opportunity that exists in the marketplace. A simple statement that triggers mountains of research, structure, and strategy at each interval. Products are commonplace, however, the networks, delivery, and strategies separate the common opportunity.

Our business development process begins with:

001_Identifying the Opportunity

Is there a need not being met in the marketplace?

Opportunities come in various intervals. Understanding that your business model has enough of the opportunities covered to be successful comes with experience. Most believe marketing or product creates opportunities, which it does. Others understand relationships creates opportunities. However, when the opportunity is not correctly vetted, we all rely on sales to solve the opportunity. Identifying the opportunity that exists in the marketplace must go well beyond any single element a new company typically relies on.

002_Gathering Resources

Find the assets needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

Resources are often thought of as capital or cash. However, the most valuable resource is the opportunity. When the proper opportunity is identified, it allows the business plan to organically gather resources such as capital, technological, and humans.

003_Identifying Challenges

Understand the obstacles and threats to your success.

Every idea, product, industry, and delivery has its threats. Identifying and understanding which of these challenges can be overcome and which are impenetrable with your resources is a critical step.

004_Developing the Roadmap

Before you begin your assent make sure you have clear directions.

Much like a business plan all companies need a roadmap, which outlines how the opportunity will be captured using the resources available while facing the challenges the category presents.