Goal Zero


With the product being fully enclosed and provided with additional structure, the issues with theft and damages were resolved. Interior structures included using a custom molded PET cavity insertion and uniquely designed product suspension. The flap also added additional room for education through a carefully produced system of iconography and copy. For the less expensive pieces of the line, we exposed the product but protected it behind a window or blister. For the accessories line, with the provided minimal budget we wanted to produce

something different than the typical blister with cardstock backer. Instead we chose to do a narrow box and expose only 1/3 of the product in the blister. This kept us within budget while providing an elevated sense of value when compared to other competing flashlights and camping gear. The end result of this project landed the client with a cohesive brand across multiple platforms. A system and series of rules rules in place allows the packaging to maintain consistency even when new products are added.