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Cannabis Packaging 2020

Cannabis has boomed uncontrollable ever since it was legalized, creating a wild environment that has let a lot of the industry go unregulated until recently . Lawmakers are finally beginning to get a grasp on what needs to be regulated within cannabis which is causing some major changes for the packaging of cannabis goods. This […]

Is All Packaging Environmental?

Insert Image When people tend to think of environmental waste one of the first things one might think of is packaging. With that being said packaging really offers of ways to help reduce our environmental impact. To be fair a lot of packaging does end up in landfill unfortunately and there are many industries where […]

Keys To Succesful Influencer Marketing Packaging

Influencer marketing is at an all-time high right now and does not appear to be stopping. According to an influencerDB report, influencer marketing spend is set to top 8 billion dollars by 2020. But this doesn’t mean brands are just throwing money at influencers and expecting a post in return. Maybe some are just throwing […]

Daqri Casestudy

Insert Image Problem: Large fragile product that needs the security and luxury of a rigid box. Demographic:  Companies looking to implement Professional Grade AR (Amazon Web Services, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Autodesk) Packaging goals:Create new packaging that can support a large fragile tech product and a protective case, that is still luxurious.  Process’s Approach:Like many our consumer brands we […]

The role of the rigid box in luxury packaging

04/16/19 | 4-Minute Read   Premium rigid boxes, also known as “paper over board,” are some of the most commonly used and sought after boxes within the luxury packaging industry. Rigid boxes differ from other boxes in a few keyways; most notably, material thickness, opening/closing experience, and manufacturing methods. Typically rigid boxes are four to five times […]

Custom VIP Packaging: Adding Value to a Product

Who doesn’t like feeling like a VIP? We can all agree that a touch of special treatment is never a bad thing. Companies recognize this and have created elaborate ways to make customers feel like rock stars. Did you know you could have the same customer reaction simply through custom VIP packaging? Outshining Competitors Through […]

Sustainable Plastic Packaging: Stepping It Up a Notch

Ernie Ball is the brand behind the greatsErnie Ball, The world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories, has been the brand behind the rockstars for decades. Their high-quality products have been used to create the unique sound of world-class guitarists like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, and Buddy Guy. By […]

Custom Wood Packaging: Packaging for Aesthetic, Not Features

Founded on the dream to do good, Barebones has developed high-quality products to help provide the basic needs around the globe. Robert Workman, creator of Barebones, runs on his company on passion and the desire to help those in need. From lighting to essential tools, Barebones has been providing its customers with long-lasting, durable products. […]

Sustainable Wood Packaging Elevates Salt of the Earth

Who is Salt of the Earth?Utah based, Salt of the Earth, is a locally owned company that emerged simply from the creator’s garage in 1998. Through the years, Salt of the Earth grown to new heights and continues to live on the legacy of the handcrafted quality it’s been founded on. Every product is mixed […]

Custom Beer Packaging Creates a New State Icon

The story behind the Brand: Proper Brewing CoProper Brewing Co is a Salt Lake City based brewery that takes cracking open a crisp beer to the next level. Locally brewed, bottled and labeled, Proper Brewing Co has given themselves the reputation of being the “Beer of Utah”. Not only does Proper brew beer but they […]