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Large fragile product that needs the security and luxury of a rigid box.


Companies looking to implement Professional Grade AR (Amazon Web Services, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Autodesk)

Packaging goals:

Create new packaging that can support a large fragile tech product and a protective case, that is still luxurious.


Process's Approach:

Like many our consumer brands we choose to use the book style rigid box for a number of different reasons. The first one is the level of security a rigid box can offer. The second is luxurious elements that rigid boxes can support. The only downside is a box this large can often bow at sizes this large. To compensate for that we used a super thick chipboard of 3.25mm. Additional underneath the front cover there is a second piece of chipboard that helps maintain the structure of this vulnerable section of the box. This second piece of chipboard also has recess within it that houses the main for the actual product. The chipboard also has two magnets that keep the lid from haphazardly opening.

To add security we implemented the use of a vacuum molded tray to secure the EVA case that housed the product.  

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