Sometimes product is not enough. For Salt of the Earth, the problem was that their high end lotions and mineral scrubs didn’t have an on-shelf appeal that matched the quality of their products. In a crowded and competitive category like this one they needed an edge to make them the clear choice to customers at retail.


Salt of the Earth Packaging Bottle


Salt of the Earth Packaging Bottle Multiple Views


The solution is what we call, fruit in a basket. When fruit is sold in a basket it historically out sells fruit that is displayed otherwise. Using this mythology, we worked with the Salt of the Earth team to design a custom jar for their products and packaged them together in a premium wood box. Thus creating an increased perceived value or, fruit in a basket.


Salt of the Earth Mineral Mud Packaging


The wood box was custom built to the specific size of the lotion jars and also had the increased functionality being a retail display when turned on its side.


Salt of the Earth Packaging


Salt of the Earth Packaging Display View


Salt of the Earth Packaging Top View


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