There are many luxury elements in packaging that make can make a package stand out, none of which are as widespread and obvious as neodymium magnetic closures commonly seen in custom luxury packaging .This magnet closure is commonly seen even beyond packaging and is seen in other products bumper magnets and toys.

As the demand for luxury packaging has increased, so has the use of the magnets within packaging. The advantages of magnets are what really make the use their usage a clear choice for most packaging designers for packaging clasps and closures. The magnetic closure makes for a super sleek closure that is virtually invisible but rarely goes unappreciated. It is also relatively easy to add and structurally superior to other options like metal hinges and velcro clasps. Magnetic closures also have the unique ability to be extremely reliable after nearly endless actuations.

So how exactly are magnetic closures implemented in to packaging? Magnets are commonly one of two shapes, round or rectangular and includes a portion that is the actual magnet and its counterpart which is typically made of steel. The steel portion is cheaper and attracted to the magnet . These components come in a variety of forms but commonly these magnets have similar dimensions as a penny WHICH only measure a few centimeters in diameter and only a few millimeters in thickness. Typically  the thickness will match the thickness of the chipboard so that magnet fits flush within the chipboard.

During manufacturing the placement of these magnets is indicated in the v so that recesses can be cut in the chipboard to allow for the magnets to sit within the chipboard. The box is then wrapped, which covers those magnets. Because the magnets are the correct size they go relatively unnoticed within. The ability for the magnet to remain unseen is a major design capability that has been heavily exploited for high end packaging across all industries. On top of that these magnetic closures have proven to be more reliable than other types of closures like metal latches or velcro seals. 

The magnet most importantly leaves a lasting impression on consumers. The streamline look and satisfying click is what really why brands choose to pay a premium for a sleek and memorable packaging experience that truly elevates a packaging experience.