As 4th generation packaging manufacturers, we are here to support the creative in companies. Our networks and resources started 80 years ago with overseas family-owned factories and now reach a supply chain well over 100 factories. Our facilities range from manufacturing, packaging, and distribution mostly located within proximity to Shanghi and Guangzhou. Our US offices exist as a satellite extension to support and understand the demands of our US customers, while our team overseas advance quality and manufacturing techniques stemming from tried and true history.

We have successfully refined the manufacturing process to ensure your products are produced, proofed, and managed with an extremely high level of project transparency. Our four generations of packaging manufacturers are here to lead you through the process.


001_Proven Process

  • manufacturing-steps-1


    • Initial Discovery Meeting
    • Target Market Identification
    • Information Extraction
    • Projects Scope Outline
  • manufacturing-steps-2


    • Team Member Allocations
    • Artwork Review/Design Consultation
    • Product Development Assistance
    • Initial Pricing
    • Prototyping
    • Sampling
  • manufacturing-steps-3


    • Final Sample Approval
    • Price Confirmation and Initial Payment
    • Transparent Quality Control
    • Product Line Testing
    • Packaging Production
    • Reporting
  • manufacturing-steps-4


    • Warehousing
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Departure Logistics
    • Arrival Logistics


002_Established Partners

We’re Your Partner in Custom
Packaging & Fabrication.

Process has long established relationships with packaging and consumer goods factories in the Asia Pacific. Our ground team is in place to ensure visibility and quality control where and when its important. Our ground team both domestically and overseas consists of project managers, engineers, quality control personnel, logistics managers and designers.

We have the ability to run 10,000 units of custom packaginG with less than 3% Margin of Error.


003_Real Time Reporting

  • Detailed video reviews / live and via email
  • High-resolution digital picture proofs
  • Post and pre-production approvals
  • Live Skype conference calls to lead or assist with your project needs.