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Marketing Collateral

Creating assets with meaningful impact.

marketing collateral: identify advantages, assemble assets, evaluate & focus

Bringing a brand to market goes far beyond a logo and tagline. You need an arsenal of marketing collateral like mission, vision, values, logos, website, social media, etc. They are all relevant, however, only to a point. Tackling these in an arbitrary fashion or all at once often results in allocating too much time and resources to irrelevant areas and not enough to those with opportunity for significant impact. Once realized, these challenges force a reactionary response that result in hurried and inadequate solutions.

We want to lead by example and with historical data to properly identify priorities and allocate time and budgets in the sectors that create the largest impact. This process includes:

001_Identifying Your Advantages

Make sure you lead with the right foot.

The creative thought paired with our strategic history gives us the understanding to read markets, dissect competition, and find significance in necessary categories of a business prior to the launch of the brand. Have you identified your significance in multiple sectors of your business, and how do you find significance or an advantage in multiple sectors of your business?

Our experience and processes help us answer these questions. Data tells us that even though you don’t need the advantage in all sectors, you must have advantage in enough of the sectors existing in your market. The primary sectors should at least include : Manufacturing, Product, Sales & Distribution, Networks, Marketing, and Finance.

Once identified we focus our time and budgets on producing assets that give you these advantages.

002_Assembling the team

The right people in the right positions.

More likely than not your advantages will spread across several sectors that require specialized knowledge and processes to create meaningful impact. We will assemble a team from our various departments as well as secure relationships with other experts in our network. Using our Design Management process, we keep the team in sync with each other and actively drive the creative in the direction of optimal impact. As assets are produced and used, it is

003_Evaluating & Focusing

Continuously question and improve.

important to evaluate their impact in the marketplace. We can continuously improve the outcome of our efforts by questioning the results and looking for ways to improve them. It may require refining the creative, or, conversely, it may suggest focusing time on another delivery. In either case these evaluations allows us to proactively improve your advantages in your market as opposed to waiting for your advantages to become insignificant.