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Sales Strategy

Developing & Understanding Sales Channels

Sales Strategy Partners: Retail Brick & Mortar, Online Retail Distribution, Direct Response, Consumer Direct, Tradeshows and more

A proper sales strategy manages the alignment of product, distribution with sales channels and retail partners. We’re here to outline and develop roadmaps and launch strategies and sales channel mapping for your company. Ensuring the viability of each channel by measuring & evaluating margins and roadmap we can properly assign and deploy teams, capital, and assets .

  • 001_Retail Brick & Mortar

    “Big Box” Retailer Sales & Distribution

  • 002_Online Retail Channels

    Direct, Catalog, Multi-channel, and Virtual

  • 003_Direct Response Marketing

    Direct to Consumer

  • 004_Digital & Social Marketing

    Direct to Consumer & Subscription Models

  • 005_Trade Shows

    Industry partners and networks from B2B to B2C

  • 006_Distributor Partners

    Industry affiliate supporting sales and shipping

  • 007_Sales Teams

    Internal & Externally Facing

Mapping Your Sales Channels

Your brand / product / business may only be relevant to a selecte amount of sales channels. A singular sales channel is not enough while 10 sales channels will be overwhelming and impossible to see through. Understanding your ventures’ available time, resources, team’s ability, and overlaying a proper sales channel road map is critical.


mapping products to sales channels

  • 001_Sales Channel Mapping

    Outline and rank sales channels by priority order following current assets and team capabilities.  Understanding the intersection of limiting and growing your sales distribution plan and how it effects your inline retailers.

  • 002_Capital Risk & Reward

    From Short-term Sales to Long-term Sales strategy. Properly structuring a rate of return for capital partners to understand the pro’s and con’s of your sales strategy.

  • 003_Channel Specific Specialists

    Specialists Are Needed for Each Sales Channel, from contract negotiation to networking sales contacts.  Having experienced specialist with your company will be the difference between a good sale or a bad sale.  Various contract options and incentives from salaries to vesting schedule equity offerings can help integrate specialists into your organization.

  • 004_Configure Margins 

    Competitive landscape mapping should include margin spend and participation for each channel.  Managing margins and understanding where the margins need to go to impact your sales and distribution channels for effective competitiveness.  Proper reallocation of margins into sales, distribution, and retail partners will help set the company and product in position. Your margins start with understanding the cost of goods and impact of features and requests from your manufacturing partner.

  • 005_Distribution and Delivery

    Various points of distribution and channels of delivery are necessary.  Mapping and structuring your product, packaging, and fulfillment options broadly helps open sales channel options to your company.  Online distribution and brick & mortar distribution are often variable.