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Sales Strategy

Taking the right steps to create significant sales.

We often think a product’s success is defined by it’s desirability to the end consumer, but we know from experience that sales strategies often overlook key important categories that must be triggered prior to the end consumer. Companies have different targets and goals, and, to scale, you generally rely on retailers to present your product to the consumer. Retailers are dictated by their buyers and often distributors, some with conforming and pre-determined planograms. Often these are influenced by relationships with your in-house sales director, rep force or showroom.

What we just covered is much more than a brand with a single focus at the end consumer. Your sales strategy includes every sales step from the brand director, merchandising and marketing team—all should be coordinated with a unifying brand/sales strategy. We call this Strategic Design, which targets and convinces your in-house sales, reps, distributors, showrooms, buyers, retailers and yes, of course, your end consumer.

Building the Team

Your sales teams need to be equipped with an arsenal of talking points and resources to clearly differentiate your product. If done correctly everyone involved in the sales process becomes a brand ambassador with a stake and understanding to assist in selling your product. This process, starting with strategic design, includes:

  • 001_Building the Sales Network

    Define the right people and channels.

  • 002_Defining Sales Assets

    Determine what assets will best assist your team.

  • 003_Creating Brand Ambassadors

    Create a sense of ownership and pride in your brand.

  • 004_Measuring Results

    Continuously evaluate, understand and refine in the rollout.