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Our Approach

It’s about the Process

Since 2001 Process AG was founded on the principle of transparency and communication. We embrace a culture of innovation and focus, solving challenges within each product or company. Integrating an array of capabilities such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics—all based on a solid process of thoroughly vetted strategy. We turn innovative ideas into real products.

Meeting with client

PROCESS AG combines manufacturing prowess with product development to create strategic significance.  

Our thesis is to create strategic significance giving your product/company an advantage over the competition.  From financial analysis to patentable differentiators—our strategic planning teams establish product significance in the competitive landscape. 

Research and STRATEGY

  • Product and Market Analysis
  • Product Manufacturing Cost and Feasibility Studies
  • Facility and Team Qualification
  • Timeline and Budget Mapping


  • Team Member Allocations
  • Product Design / Design Consultation
  • Product Development Assistance
  • Pricing Confirmation
  • Prototyping
  • Sampling

Manufacturing Control

  • Final Sample Approval
  • Cost analysis and order optimization
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Transparent Quality Control
  • Product Line Testing
  • Product Production
  • Reporting

LOGISTICS AND Distribution


  • Freight Forwarding
  • Departure Logistics
  • Arrival Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment 
  • AWS protocol Setup

1. Transparency

We increase visibility, improve efficiencies and solve problems

Committed to transparency and communication. Solving product and manufacturing challenges preemptively.  We understand and help companies manage multi-channel manufacturing criteria sets.  

2. Establish partners

We’re your partner in custom product  fabrication

Process has long established relationships with consumer goods factories in the Asia Pacific. Our ground team is in place to ensure visibility and quality control where and when it is important. Globally united teams domestically and overseas consist of project managers, engineers, quality control personnel, logistics managers and designers.

3. Real-time reporting

Complete manufacturing transparency process

  • Detailed video reviews / live and via email
  • High-resolution digital picture proofs
  • Post and pre-production approvals
  • Live Zoom conference calls to lead or assist with your project needs​

Our projects are built on sound business strategy and executed with precision.

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