Whether your business is online or on a shelf in a retail store, custom retail packaging elevates the customer experience. In most cases, a consumer will not have seen or received much marketing propaganda from your brand or product. When they pick it up in a store or receive it as a gift what the product is packaged in is all the communication and experience the consumer will receive.

The packaging will communicate to the user more than what it is they are actually getting. It will also communicate the value, perception, image, quality, and utility of the product inside. These are the key attributes a marketing strategy team will communicate through effective custom retail packaging.

Step 1 – Of the hundreds of elements a marketing/design team will consider, the top 5 you need to focus on above everything else is:

  1. The Image
  2. The Copy
  3. The Size
  4. The Color
  5. The Utility (Is the packaging shipped, hung, shelved, standing, etc…)

Step 2 – Understand the steps the consumer goes through in their head, when they pick up and interact with retail packaging.

First, A consumer will only see and absorb 3 lines of messaging from the front of the box. This includes an image, brand logo, and messaging. Sizing, spacing, color hierarchy all create a chain of command on what you want your customer to absorb as they scan the front of the packaging. Since they will most likely only absorb 3 lines of messaging from the front of the box, you better make it count.

Second, If you convinced them to discover further, a consumer will flip the box over and absorb 2-3 more lines of messaging from the back. Once again, size, spacing, color etc, will dictate which 2-3 levels of messaging they will absorb from the back.

Third, You should have closed the customer already because now they are either going to look at the front to finalize the purchasing decision in their head or they will put your product down and begin the read on a competitors package on the shelf next to yours.

Step 3 – Understand how to capture the customer from walking speed in through the isles to the pickup point when they are standing in front of you and your competitors’ products.

Custom Retail Packaging is about separating your brand/product from the competition while communicating your brand messaging. A marketing strategist and design team will consider how to attract and communicate to your customer on three stages starting from a 10 foot perspective, 5 foot perspective and be engaging enough them for a pick up at the 3-foot perspective.

Customers walk past isles of products anywhere from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. You have to start drawing their attention starting at the 10 foot perspective through bold colors and operation from the competition, From the 5 foot perspective you have to clearly communicate what it is your selling and why they need it. Moving to the 3 foot perspective you are hoping your product over the competitors which is next to you, is the most interesting and relevant to their needs, this get your product the pick up.

Once they pick up we move to Step 4.

Step 4 – Understand the job your package is suppose to play. Its is a silent sales person so make sure its a good one. A properly designed customer retail packaging will drive the following for your consumer.

• Create a Brand Experience wether that is High end product or inexpensive price savings product

• Create a Customer Experience to match the brand

• Communicate the Product Value, wether it is high or low

• Communicates brand and product values

• Educates the consumer on your brand/product value over the competition

Step 5 – Make sure your communication is clear, from your pictures to your messages. You’d be surprise how many packaging don’t clearly communicate what it is your selling. Simple clear communication sounds easier then you think to communicate. Communication needs to not only be clear but also fast. Messaging is critical and move common then not designers and branders put too much information on the box.

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