It’s rare to find a design strategy and manufacturing team who understands how to curate your unboxing experiences to elevate your brand and make a meaningful connection to your customer.

We are that team and we have not found another in the market that does what we do both in understanding design strategy and executing it through the physical world of product and packaging manufacturing. We understand design levers that make a difference for your customers along with managing the manufacturing and production costs so that it makes sense for your brand.

Experienced in Your Customer’s Experience

We’ve been helping brands navigate a crowded marketplace for decades. Finding brand presentation significance and creating a more meaningful customer experience through thoughtful presentation of your product.

Our team

Our team includes decades of material sourcing from global contacts which can help a brand optimize for costs, optimize for sustainability, or both. We will help you achieve the end customer experience you’re looking for while maintaining what’s important to you.

Office locations

  • Salt Lake City, USA
  • Shanghai, China
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Dongguan, China

We are here elevating brands and delivering customer engagement experiences through your product and package. Our doors are always open, reach out and say hi.