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With a long lineage of manufacturing efficiency and scalability our experienced teams have defined and solved everything from consumer goods to government collateral.


1952: Founded as a government service facility; printing packaging, books and collateral. 

1980s: Business expands to service international customers within US and Europe.

1990: US offices were established in Los Angeles to bridge international communications.

2003: Salt Lake City extension office formed with product development teams. 

2006: New department formed servicing mass retailers Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Costco.

2008: Integration EDI compliant direct factory to retailer shipping. 

2018: New department formed servicing D2C and Amazon.


We are business developers, brand strategists, manufacturing experts, and supply chain mavens. 

Trusted by name brands, we apply this experience to clients of all different sizes and stages.

Our strength is creating strategic brand significance to give your company a leading edge over the competition. 



Our team

We have decades of experience in all areas of manufacturing and design.

Our united global team, based in the US and China, are experts in every aspect of product creation, from ideation to complete product development, manufacturing oversight to logistics management.

Our processes and systems optimize orders and operations.

Office locations

  • Salt Lake City, USA
  • Shanghai, China
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Dongguan, China

We are here to help make your brand become successful. Our doors are always open.