Pura Fragrances attracted the world’s top luxury retailers and collaborated with, not completed with, the most notable & prestigious fragrance companies. This is significant. Pura – being a fragrance company is collaborating with…not competing with what should be their competitors.

In the beginning, the exercise was to optimize price, which we did including the plastic. But over time we worked with our eco/sustainable engineering department to slowly transition as much of the plastics out of the packaging as possible and take the components to be 100% biodegradable. Year after year, you need to be constantly thinking about this for your packaging. For us based on clients needs, we take 1 or 2 steps at a time and bring them to a more sustainable level. We removed the plastic and foam to get to biodegradable materials and pulps.

With retailers being one of the primary methods of distribution, we designed this to both house the product all while each box was designed to have it’s own pop display and brand messaging center. This is where merchandising and in store marketing, are all done with the packaging.

Part of our redesign strategy of the packaging was also to make it customizable for their brand partners. In collaborating with other brands, the packaging has to be engineered in a way that you can customize certain elements. Could we have made a custom box for their different partners? Yes, but remember…this was a startup and they wanted to work with many top fragrance brands.

Watch the video to learn the cost of this packaging and how we built a strategy to have success both with brand partners, online channels and retailers.

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