Marketing is all about adaptation. And when a global pandemic prevents people from gathering together for say a product launch event…how do you get that same amount of hype energy around your product launch? The answer: An Influencer Box.

Cadillac challenged us here at Process Agency to create millions of impressions through an influencer kit packaging box. We would chalk this gorilla marketing campaign up as a success for the fact that we only manufactured 50 boxes but the campaign garnered millions of impressions.

The influencer box is the new press kit, press release and everything in between. A physical box like this bridges that gap in between the digital and physical world, taking that physical object and sharing it online.

We have an ultra-premium paper over board box. Really thick & rigid. it’s rare for a box to be this thick. We did a UV hit of the logo on the front along with a design inspired from the front grill of the vehicles. A logo’d ribbon pull tab to open. These small elements combined give us a really good first impression and you cannot get back a 1st impression (positive or negative).

When you want to create your own unboxing experience, layers are something important to pay attention to. And as we get more into this box, you will find layer after layer – impression after impression. This reveal is important. It’s simple but complex at the same time. Create layers when you are building unboxing experiences for your everyday product, your pitch kit as a first impression or influencer box…just like we have right here.

For your brand – if you don’t have a product or have something larger that won’t fit into your influencer box, you need to come up with something that is both 1- relatable and 2- priceless to include just as Cadillac has done here.

The custom Cadillac wallets were hand-stitched in the building where they make the vehicles – by the design team who built the vehicle itself. They used the same material they used in the vehicle for the leather interior so everyone can have a little piece to take with them wherever they go! Well thought out, well designed and well-constructed swag goes a long way.

When you work with a brand like AKG for your interior audio – you know you’re serious about your sound. As another priceless gift through this influencer kit, we worked with AKG and created a custom pair of high-end headphones with the Cadillac logo printed on top of the headphone bridge.

Good SWAG is the gift that keeps on giving. This isn’t just some random, single-use swag, this something that will last years and someone can put to use daily. Think about that when doing your influencer marketing kits for your brand. With both the wallet and the headphones, we have a gift that is both relevant and priceless.

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