How does a company in the cannabis industry separate themselves from their competition? With Cannabis being a relatively new industry there are a lot of start-up ma & pop brands entering the space. Many amateur entrepreneurs are flooding into the space. This is causing much confusion for end consumers on which cannabis or CBD brand to trust, who is the most premium and who should they choose.

Brand and design identity in Cannabis and CBD is so important when trying to establish authority, trust and approachability. We used a seal-like foil stamp to make the identity feel trustworthy, like a doctor’s approval, and exposed the inner red box with a unique die-cut that accents the logo design to infuse more modern lifestyle into the package and ensure it doesn’t feel too medical or sterile. We also used two different papers to create a memorable feeling when you hold the package. The end result is both effective on a retail shelf, and in the consumers’ hands.

There is a need in the budding cannabis landscape for a trustworthy, approachable, lifestyle brand. We worked and created a unique packaging experience that elevated the perceived value of the product and connected with the target demographic, designed for people looking to improve their lives and feel good about themselves.

Whether you are starting a cannabis, CBD or any other type of consumer brand… packaging matters. Design identity matters. Take a hold of your packaging and you decide the perception of your product, don’t let the market do that for you.

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