New Balance came to ProcessAG with an idea. Their Numeric brand, which focuses on producing prestigious performance footwear for skateboarding, needed a unique, creative, stand-out way to present their catalog.

We partnered our established premium notebook brand with New Balance to produce a distinctive collaborative piece that included a promotional notebook and custom manufactured footwear.

Custom Promotional Product Support

The catalog was printed in one of our felt-covered, spiral-bound notebooks from Miro. The cover sports brand collaboration displaying both Miro’s emblem, stamped on metal, and a New Balance shoe tag.

The inner pages are filled with colorful designs, original photography, and a peek at Numeric’s product line.

Our Difference

But we didn’t stop there. We also collaborated with New Balance to produce a custom pair of Miro-branded Numeric shoes with the same felt that graces the covers of our notebooks. Design details of the shoe include German-engineered, high density, compressed felt, antique brass eyelets, and a striped inner lining.

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