The story behind the Brand: Proper Brewing Co

Proper Brewing Co is a Salt Lake City based brewery that takes cracking open a crisp beer to the next level. Locally brewed, bottled and labeled, Proper Brewing Co has given themselves the reputation of being the “Beer of Utah”. Not only does Proper brew beer but they also have a burger joint and gastro pub that is nothing short of amazing when it comes to taste and esthetic. The key to stellar esthetic? – Localized Custom Beer Packaging.

What Sets Proper Brewing Co Apart?

Proper Brewing Co is a company that recognizes the importance of branding and understanding their customer. From the water-proof labels on their bottles to their draft handles, customization has been the key factor to catching their customers’ eye.

Understanding Your Customer

Some brands are localized, some are regionalized and others are nationalized. For Proper Brewing Co, they established that their customer is the Salt Lake City local. Knowing this, they geared all branding and labeling to reach the Utah native. As you can see, the dye-cut label is in the shape of the state of Utah paired back to imagery related to Utah’s history and culture. The use of localized-focused branding creates the notion that this brand is special to Utah and can’t be found anywhere else.

What do you need to create a custom beer packaging?

Custom packaging for any brand or product naturally sets it apart from its competitors and it is surprisingly cost efficient. In the world of bottle customization, creating a mold specifically to a brand verses using a mainstream mold is simply paying a one-time mold fee. From there, costs of production are relatively the same. Here at Process AG, we can design and manufacture custom bottles to for your brand and budget. Customized beer packaging is more accessible than you think!

Want to Know More About Customizing Your Own Beer Packaging?

Here at Process AG, our goal is to help companies create unique custom packaging and molds. Helping your brand stand out and own a unique shape and style. Through our expertise and creative vision, we strive to create innovative packaging catered specifically to your company. Have an idea or want more information on sustainable wood packaging options? Contact us at 1(801)532-3457 or email us at

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