Who doesn’t like feeling like a VIP? We can all agree that a touch of special treatment is never a bad thing. Companies recognize this and have created elaborate ways to make customers feel like rock stars. Did you know you could have the same customer reaction simply through custom VIP packaging?

Outshining Competitors Through Custom VIP Packaging

Customers purchase product for either: need or desire. When a customer is in search of a needed item, they are committed to purchase that item. It then comes down to which brand to purchase from. This is where desire comes in. By using custom VIP packaging, a brand can out shine its competitors by presenting their product in a more professional, eye-catching way. Custom VIP packaging is a way to create the assumption that the product is higher quality from the rest. For example: notebooks are essential for students and businesses. Basic notebooks are available for a low cost but they appear to have low quality. Miro recognized this and designed notebooks that look clean and professional. The combination of simple packaging with the unique element of the elastic bands creates the feeling of sophistication. Thus targeting a customer in need of a notebook but is willing to spend a bit more for a professional look.

Making Your Customer Feel More “Elite” Through Custom VIP Packaging

Presentation is everything to a consumer. By presenting a product in a way that makes it appear “elite” insinuates the idea that they too can be “elite” if they purchase the product. Custom VIP packaging is simply selling value and status. It also, makes purchasing the product more of an experience than an expense.

Let’s Make Your Customers Feel VIP

Here at Process AG, our goal is to help companies create unique packaging to outshine the rest. Through custom VIP packaging, we can aid in boosting sales by simply making the customer feel that the product is more elite. Through our expertise and creative vision, we strive to create innovative packaging catered specifically to your company. For more information on custom VIP packaging,

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