Founded on the dream to do good, Barebones has developed high-quality products to help provide the basic needs around the globe. Robert Workman, creator of Barebones, runs on his company on passion and the desire to help those in need. From lighting to essential tools, Barebones has been providing its customers with long-lasting, durable products. Process AG designed and manufactured custom wood packaging to help reposition the company to new targeted retail channels.

Using Custom Wood Packaging to Convey a Product’s Quality​

Barebones products can be found in premium retailers like REI and Restoration Hardware. With the durability and high-quality attributes of their products, they were focused on conveying this through their packaging. Traditional paper boxes just were conveying the product quality. We teamed up with Barebones to design and manufacture a presentation worthy of their product and our solution was to mass produce a few standard packaging sizes utilizing sustainable wood framed boxes. By producing standard sized boxes we were able to mass produces boxes cost effectively. Sustainability comes with the elimination of plastic and PET materials commonly found in consumer products. The quality of the product became the main focus of the packaging. To further eliminate additional packaging we went with screen printing variable information on the back and sides of the wooden boxes. Screen printing allowed us to vary the information on the boxes without adding additional paper waste. These boxes become great drawer keepsakes after and are commonly reused rather then becoming packaging waste. For not much more in cost, wood packaging design can increase the value perception of a brand at retail.

Why We Chose Paulownia Wood Packaging

The custom wood packaging we used to for Barebones is made from Paulownia: an eco-friendly, low cost material that has the high-quality feel. We added a dark stain finish to the wood to increase the presence of the package against the cream based background. The focus was on the product allowing the premium packaging to stand out while taking a back seat. This custom wood package can be shelved, stacked, or hung on a peg. From concept design to manufacturing management this was a Process Ag collective effort with our US and overseas manufacturing teams.

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