Ernie Ball is infamous for their world class guitar strings and pedals. Being the world’s leading manufacturer of strings and accessories, Ernie Ball has mastered the craft of producing high-quality guitar essentials. Rockstars of all genres have become religious to their products because they allow musicians to create new, unique sound. In collaboration with Ernie Ball, we designed and manufactured custom, eco-friendly PET plastic packaging for their new line of tuners.

Ernie Ball has claimed their way to fame primarily with their strings and pedals but they wanted to bridge the two products with an another essential piece: a tuner. With this bridge product, we had a few things to consider when designing its packaging. The first being its competitors. The leading companies in tuners are actually priced lower than Ernie Ball’s new tuner so we chose to advance the packaging to make it outshine the rest. At Process AG, we began by using clear, sustainable PET plastic packaging in a paper box to showcase the tuner in a way that gave a “floating” illusion. Ernie Ball’s tuner has the largest screen on the market. Considering this, we used PET plastic packaging to show the tuner’s large screen in comparison to competitors.

Another major factor to consider is Ernie Ball’s iconic florescent colored packaging. We wanted to keep their wild-colored flare but with a modern, sophisticated edge. We chose to use a spot UV, soft touch paper box to inclose the eco-friendly plastic packaging. This soft touch finish gives a matte look, giving the plastic packaging that elevated feel. In conjunction with the Ernie Ball Tuner, they created a Cradle Tuner. We designed the packaging for the cradle tuner to relate back to the original tuner. By incorporating the bright color scheme and soft touch finish, the two products appeared cohesive in packaging design while keeping their individuality in function apparent.

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