How much is too much? As product brands attempt to stand out from the crowd and differentiate from the competition, they tend to over package at times. We are all for creating a mind-blowing unboxing experience… after all, that’s what we do here at Process Agency – design and manufacture the world’s best packaging.

After being reminded of how over-packaged one of our favorite treats are (bless your heart Mamba), we thought that there has to be a lot more brands using too much packaging to wrap up and present their products. It didn’t take long as Paul Heslop went to the store to easily find several brands using excess packaging.

Many of the examples in the video reference food packaging because…well…it’s just ridiculous, but many product companies are doing it wrong. Towards the end of the video, Paul shares with us the strategies you can apply when you want to create more packaging for your product. And one of the biggest and best ways to do this is to make packaging that is repurposed and reusable. Wood box gift packaging is a great way to build a premium unboxing experience, all while making something so special, sustainable, and reusable that consumers don’t throw it away.

Let us help you avoid using too much packaging in the wrong areas and build you a high-end box that your recipients will keep forever.

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