The time came for a revamp of goal zero’s custom retail packaging and Process was called in. We came together to redesign and relaunch the brand through their primary retailer REI with the notion of taking the lead in the category.

The goal was to develop the brand and custom retail packaging to position Goal Zero into the category lead against its competitors. The top three considering factors were :

​1. Increase custom retail packaging grade and quality through elevation of materials from Corrugated to Paper of board.

​2. Addition of PET windows and magnetic closure panels to showcase the product at retail

​3. Curate the proper messaging to attract and educate the customer on the quality of the product.

​Starting with integrated retail meetings with REI category buyers, buyers, and in-house sales teams we devised a strategy and roadmap to drive and support the re-launch and re-branding campaign. We mapped the launch schedule, balancing design, prototyping, retail support approvals, and manufacturing partners.

​This is where the strategy and design begins.

​Starting from a 10 foot perspective we needed to draw attention to Goal Zero’s products over its competitors. A color theme representing the brands environmental goals was devised. Bright neon green as the contract color paired with black followed by supporting greys. Neon green was used to draw a customers attention at the 10 foot perspective down to the 5 foot perspective.

​From 5 feet, we knew from our retail buyer meetings that there was a consumer education challenge on what the products could do. At the time solar panels may as well been magic, it was difficult for consumers to underwent that it could power their electronics or light up their camp site. Fast, effective communication of what the product can do for a customer. The solution : Trigger interest in the product by communicating product capabilities directly on the front of the custom retail packaging. This triggered consumers to pick up the package and investigate further into what we call level 2 messaging.

​The 3 foot perspective. This is where the customer engages and picks up our strategically designed package, which starts our sales process. We educate the customer further with 2nd and 3rd levels of messaging on both the front and rear of the package. Through utilization of magnets and opening panels, we allow the customer to deep dive into the custom retail package and see the product through environmentally friendly PET windows. The visual of the product engages further while the inside panel right of the product continues the education to the customer on the product and its usage. This is where Goal Zero and Process hopes to find and close the customer. It is through clear messaging experiencial marketing that the customer can understand and connect with the product, the brand, while envisioning their usage… Therefor triggering a transaction for both a sale and a satisfied and informed consumer.

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