What kind of packaging do you put a pair of $3,000 headphones in? One of our favorite channels on Youtube is run by a guy named Lewis, his channel – Unbox Therapy. He unboxes mostly tech products, but we’re here for the packaging as usual. We took some clips from his video to show you what the packaging is made from, how much it costs, so you can consider doing something super fresh for your brand.

We know this is a bit overindulgent. You probably don’t have a $3,000 product you need to box, but rather something much lower cost and lower budget than that. But what if for a second…you made a crazy premium version of your product. Taking a $50 item and making it $1,000 through features and presentation…just so someone like Lewis gets his hands on it?

We see this happen a lot in food. Just for marketing purposes, they will add to the menu a $1,000 ice cream sundae or caviar gold crusted donut. This is a marketing play.

Don’t think everything in terms of selling units…but have that mentality of doing things to give your brand the attention it deserves.

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