illadelph produces and manufactures high end and custom bongs for the cannabis industry. These bongs are hundreds of dollars and even up to $1,000. A premium product – needs premium packaging.

In this episode, Paul Heslop tells us how Process Agency took illadelph’s standard box & brand and transformed it into the golden standard of bong & cannabis packaging. He will share with you some challenges that Process had to overcome with this unique packaging having lots of skus, custom sizes and an oversized product.

The problem that illadelph faced, and many other companies face, is that they want a nice rigid box, they want it custom and premium but when you go rigid it takes up space in shipping. The solution is that it folds flat for shipping and expands to create a box. There are adhesive strips to stick this together after shipping. But to get something this large to ship flat, and then to stay glued together once it’s adhered can actually be kinda difficult. That’s something you need to watch for when doing larger boxes.

Another problem the illadelph faced was the fact that they had lots of SKUs and by a lot, we mean they make their glass custom. So how do you make a custom box for a product that is constantly changing in size? We were able to take all of their sizes, getting averages and building different categories of boxes. As shown in the video we have 6 different sizes. We can create our foam mold to be the size of their largest product and then right at the time of shipping – illadelph can add in these foam inserts to make a smaller product fit perfectly. So you still are getting a custom-fitted, Gucci-like unboxing experience every single time.

illadelph has become the golden standard for bongs and bong packaging. They have separated their brand in the space to become the ‘apple of the bong industry’ with their unboxing experience. In every consumer product category there is a leader, we see that they all have something in common – well built, designed and manufactured premium packaging.

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