How often have you seen packaging that is display-worthy? That is cool enough to proudly showcase on a shelf in your home office?

Enter scene: ‘trophy packaging’ aka ‘award packaging’. We would define this category of packaging as something that is given typically as a high end gift like a watch, that you keep the actual gift in the packaging because it really helps display it in the manner it was meant to be – to showcase it.

A box like this was meant to be presented and gifted as an award. And we find that it is a really brilliant way to do a corporate gift that is worn part-time but then displayed while not in use. Not only the watch itself serves as a constant reminder of what the recipient has accomplished but also is show worthy on stage. Typically something like this would be given on stage at an event in front of other people has a significant gesture of appreciation or status within a company.

In a previous video we built a box for Nickelodeon to give it’s creative team. A really special keepsake that is personalized and a corporate gift that is just next level. Similar to that Nickelodeon box – this box for LifeVantage and we actually designed, engineered and manufactured both the box and the watch you see inside.

The geometric shape is unique, it has these interesting folds, corners and some really subtle tonal UV prints. A simple logo embossed up on top of the packaging. We have a good sized canvas that leaves plenty of real estate for your brand messaging. In this case, it’s a simple “thank you”, a token of gratitude is all they printed.

Closed, this box looks great, and the magnetic flap opens up for an awesome reveal. The hexagon shape is really unique, in manufacturing it’s super hard to get this all lined up. Compounded with a lot of geometry. This is going to take a good CAD designer, math and engineering, the right factory selection. Here at Process, we actually like doing projects like these, because it pushes the boundaries of product and packaging.

This is a fantastic example of how a brand can elevate it’s gift and product through packaging that actually doesn’t cost more than a regular box. Literally the same amount of raw materials, just really creatively put together.

If you have a crazy idea about making a statement with your packaging, making a trophy out of your packaging, your box doubling as an award to present on stage and later to be shelved proudly in an office, contact us.

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