How is Ikea using mushrooms to save the earth?! It is for the fact that this mushroom packaging will actually decompose in a garden within a few short weeks. It uses 2 ingredients, hemp hurds and mycelium.

Ikea is trying to be part of the solution here, not part of the problem. I recently came across an article on ecosnippets that shares some more information about this.

So many companies are using what is called “polystyrene” to package their goods. The problem with this is that polystyrene is devastating to the environment. In fact a study done by Harvard discovered that this nasty stuff is made from petroleum, which is one of those non-sustainable, non-renewable, heavily polluting and fast-disappearing commodities. This is not biodegradable and literally takes thousands of years to break down. Despite this – we as humans, continue to toss more than 14 million tons of this into landfills each year according to the French ministry of ecology.

So luckily we have a company like Ikea who is recognizing this and not wanting to use it any more – be that solution, not the problem. They are wanting to switch out their packaging to a biodegradable mycelium which is also known as “fungi packaging” in efforts to reduce waste – and increase recycling.

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