The PEOPLE in your business are your most important asset.

Today, I’m going to show you how Nickelodeon gifted their employees with a truly priceless gift. And when I say gift, I mean a well thought out, well designed, custom box – made just for their creative design team.

In this episode, Paul Heslop describes the process, the costs and sneak peek behind how Process Agency built this custom box for Nickelodeon that they gifted their employees and how you can build something JUST LIKE THIS for your brand.

Disney is all about the experience, the imagination and the curiosity. But, when it comes to creating an experience or gift for employees, we think Nickelodeon really has built something that their team will forever keep and remember. Nickelodeon and Disney are really competing for the same caliber and type of talent in creative animation and art. And I think that Nickelodeon isn’t just out doing Disney with employee appreciation and gifting, but outdoing most companies out there.

Creating a company culture with a high amount of appreciation can be difficult. Some leaders are better at communicating this than others. So when you can actually show and gift something really well done and thought out to your staff or business partners. It can go a really long way.

This box is really pushing the boundaries of packaging and looks and feels more like a product than even packaging. Instead of a typical premium rigid paper box, we created a molded plastic with a soft matte touch finish.

This is a highly refined mold that is rarely seen even on high end products. The animations and logos done by the creative team at Nickelodeon wrap around the entire box even through the openings making it a seamless piece of art.

Whether it be leveling up your culture, your appreciation, creating a high end packaging experience or building an influencer kit. Take note of the materials we used in this box. The curated, personal touch booklets and cards on the inside.

Let’s learn from some of the most creative people in the world and how they harness that creativity into packaging. When we think about the best gifts we’ve received or given. It really does come down to the thought that counts most.

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