Is your product quality enough that it deserves to be on the shelves of stores like REI and MOMA? What if your brand and product is also well positioned for mass distribution outlets such as Walmart? Which direction do you choose?

Well what if we told you, that you can have both – and there is a really important strategy behind why you SHOULD have both.

Paul Heslop breakdowns a really cool case study from the brand Mpowerd and how the Process team positioned and helped bifurcate 2 different packaging presentations for 2 different audiences: high-end premium retail & mass distribution big-box retailers, such as Walmart.

He shares with you some insight on how you can do this for your brand, and covers the:

1 – Design Strategy
2 – Materials
3 – Costs of goods
4 – The Strategy and Why behind this packaging design

Mpowerd Impact

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