Pura came to us as a start up with an innovative product in home fragrances and needed a unique and engaging way to launch it. The end result was designed for direct–to-consumer sales with an emphasis on brand-built excitement in the unboxing experience, with packaging that both educates consumers on a new technology and elevates the value through a multi-layered premium opening experience.

The product packaging was designed to easily communicate the story by having a cover that was self-standing upon opening and revealed a printed PET sleeve whose contents could change to match the scent being used by switching out the insert within the PET sleeve.

The product itself is displayed pedestal style with ample margin to make it look more like a fine perfume or cosmetic compared to just another electronic device.

Premium features throughout the packaging include: paper over board, turned edge on both the box and sleeve, silver foil stamp, spot UV, silk ribbon pull tab, printed PET sleeve, and custom die cut EVA foam insert.

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The shipping container was another important consideration in the design process because the primary audience was direct consumers- Pura needed to have efficient shipping, and needed to incorporate different combinations of product within the same box that would be easy both for fulfillment and unboxing. The configuration of products and subtle branding on the shipping container further added to the levels of engagement and elevate the value of the product. Process also created padded envelopes for shipping additional fragrances for Pura’s subscription model. The design carries Pura’s brand through in a likewise engaging way to give ongoing customers excitement on receiving ancillary products.

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