Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth asked Process AG to help them stand out in hair and nail salons, which are already flooded with high-fashion cosmetic brands, but we were up for the challenge. Our solution is a custom molded and colored bottle that, while unique, is actually more cost-effective than many traditional packing options because of our direct factory sourcing and efficient design. The solution was a custom designed bottle with a reusable wood box designed to showcase the product and boost sales to end customers.

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The bottle is designed with apothecary accents, but with a more modern and unique feel. The material is completely recyclable plastics, and better, reusable which encourages stylists to purchase creams and salts in more cost-effective bulk packaging. The effective design allowed us to produce a limited wood presentation box that can second as an in-store display, allowing beauticians to proudly display the product to promote the brand and increase the perceived value, which translates into more sales to customers.

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