In the supplements, vitamins & health/wellness space – most packaging and brands pretty much look the same. If you were to line up the bottles of most of these companies; yes there might be graphical differences but the bottles, and packaging, in general, are basically the same. Majority of companies are not really owning a custom shape, bottle, presentation or color in their branding.

But this brand SEED Probiotics really has nailed the minimalistic branding and packaging design. Not only is this a solid design, but they have produced packaging with a really low carbon footprint using the most sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable packaging materials all while really separating themselves from their competition through packaging.

In this video, Paul Heslop breaks down what it costs to make packaging just like this. He will share with you how you too can separate yourselves from your competition through packaging and if you wanted to make a minimalist brand, what you should and should not do in your packaging design.

Seed Probiotics has been successful in their design approach for these key reasons:

1 – Less is more. Seed’s minimal approach in packaging, all of the negative space and simplicity speaks to who the brand is.

2 – When you go all-in on sustainability like this, the packaging isn’t just packaging. It becomes part of your brand’s story. Packaging really has become part of their product.

3 – When you can match colors across substrates and create consistency in branding – you’ll deepen your uniqueness in your brand identity.

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