Do you need to mass produce your product in China? We discuss branding, design & packaging a lot on this Youtube channel, but as you set up your processes, we can’t overstate how important your manufacturing is.

No matter the product you have, there are some key steps you must follow in order to stabilize and qualify your manufacturing facilities to achieve both the quality and the price point for your business model.

There are Amazon product standards and then retail standards, in this video, Paul Heslop shares with you these key steps to follow to ensure your manufacturing meets these standards for both online distribution and mass retailers.

The 5 Key areas you need to focus on when manufacturing your product are:

1 – Qualifying a manufacturing partner
2 – Qualifying raw material supply chain vendors
3 – Setting your quality within the production lines
4 – Establishing control systems to test the products for product efficacy standards
5 – Quality control prior to shipping

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