Ernie Ball is the brand behind the greats

Ernie Ball, The world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings and accessories, has been the brand behind the rockstars for decades. Their high-quality products have been used to create the unique sound of world-class guitarists like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, and Buddy Guy. By using the latest technologies and the finest materials, Ernie Ball continuously provides opportunity to invent create your personal sound and an incomparable amount of expressive options. Process was engaged to generate class-leading sustainable plastic packaging for Ernie Ball’s newest line of expression pedal products.

Ernie Ball launched both an Expression Overdrive and an Ambient Delay with foot sweepable control that provides an endless range of effects. All while letting your hands stay on the guitar. Here at Process AG, we were extremely inspired by its rockstar design and sleek gold and rose gold materials. We recognized the beauty and significance of this product line and were compelled to design a package that treated the products with the respect they deserve. Taking inspiration from museum display cases, we designed and manufactured this sustainable plastic packaging using eco-friendly PET plastic. We created a display case look allowing an unobscured view of the pedals. Light spills into the package and reflects off the metallic pedal housing. We mimicked the material for each pedal with a clever use of metallic paper. Paired with a matte black soft touch finish, this sustainable plastic packaging has the rockstar look it deserves. A product worthy of the greats, deserved packaging of the greatest.

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