We know the challenges of manufacturing packaging, both overseas and in the states. So we’ve asked our expert team to share some of their experience and knowledge with you. See the downloadable resources below, and reach out with any questions.    

Manufacturing Management 

The goal of any manufacturing project is to understand and control the outcome, well ahead of the actual manufacturing completion. This requires an understanding of the manufacturing process and injecting control systems throughout manufacturing. Here are some examples documents we use to successfully manage the manufacturing process.

Print Resources

Most packaging design is relegated to graphic designers, who are often amazing at layout and messaging, but are not trained or have the software needed to translate a design into a manufacturing ready die-line. The good news is we have the engineers and specialized designers needed to die-lines, and we’re sharing some of these die-lines with you. These are a few of our more popular packaging styles for refernce or use. Please let us know if there are any other specific designs you’d like to see.

Corrugated Triangle Mailer