Who is Salt of the Earth?

Utah based, Salt of the Earth, is a locally owned company that emerged simply from the creator’s garage in 1998. Through the years, Salt of the Earth grown to new heights and continues to live on the legacy of the handcrafted quality it’s been founded on. Every product is mixed by hand and blended with only the highest-quality ingredients out there. Salt of the Earth provides tailor-made skin care products mixed specially for each individual customer. You can’t find that in a factory!

Taking the Product to the Next Level with Sustainable Wood Packaging

Process AG partnered with Salt of the Earth to create a premium-level package while managing sustainability by limiting wastage and throw away materials. For a company based on natural, eco-friendly ingredients, it only seemed right to use a sustainable, nature driven package. We chose to use Paulownia wood for Salt of the Earth because it not only mets the aesthetic of the brand but it is also affordable. The unstained wood and the routed and burned logo compliments the organic nature of the brand itself. When designing this packaging, we chose to use a clear sliding door to showcase the jars. By making the products visible to the customer, it shows off the premium design of the amber-colored jars and gives the feeling of cleanliness and transparency.

It’s All About the Details

Starting with 3D and CAD renderings Process engineered custom molded bottles with custom molded lids. The key to memorable packaging is the attention to detail. This is a one of a kind package and mold that will only be found with a Salt of the Earth product. Custom molding lids and bottles are a one time charge, typically ranging between $2000-$5000. After the mold is cast the product cost remains the same as the material usage is the same as any standard bottle. Customers often overlook custom molded bottles because they didn’t realize how affordable a custom mold can be. When designing this sustainable wood packaging, we included four circular slots on the top of the box to create a display opportunity. By including this element of display, Salt of the Earth’s product will appear even more appealing to the customer just on the shelf.

Want to learn more about sustainable wood packaging?

Here at Process AG, our goal is to help companies create unique custom packaging and molds. Helping your brand stand out and own a unique shape and style. Through our expertise and creative vision, we strive to create innovative packaging catered specifically to your company. Have an idea or want more information on sustainable wood packaging options? Contact us at 1(801)532-3457 or email us at info@processag.com

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