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Shifting Trends of E-Commerce Packaging in Response to Growing Online Markets.

​ As e-commerce is projected to increase by billions of dollars each year, It is not a surprise many brands are having to rethink their packaging in order to keep up with the demands of e-commerce. But what does that really mean for packaging designers and brands alike? It actually means a lot more than a […]

Magnetic Box Closures, the Superior Closure for Streamlined Packaging Solutions.

There are many luxury elements in packaging that make can make a package stand out, none of which are as widespread and obvious as neodymium magnetic closures commonly seen in custom luxury packaging .This magnet closure is commonly seen even beyond packaging and is seen in other products bumper magnets and toys.  As the demand […]

What is a Dieline in Packaging Design

A dieline is the cornerstone of packaging design and serves as a blueprint equivalent for almost all packaging designs. A dieline is usually created by a designer and indicates all the necessary scoring and glueing for any type of package that will be mass produced. A dieline is made up of three separate lines, a perforation […]

Brand experiences elevated by elegant packaging.

Insert Image Insert Image Case Study: Musee Luxury PackagingProblem:Luxury packaging plays a unique role in retail in a number of ways. Most people assume packaging is just good for…. well packaging. A method of protecting for the product before it is bought by a consumer. At its core that is accurate of packaging benefit, but […]

Indications of Luxury Packaging

The term luxury packaging seems to get thrown around more and more in conversations about where the packaging market is moving. This should come as no surprise as more  brands have started using luxury packaging as a vessel to further solidify the brands position in their respected market. The largest industries investing in luxury packaging […]

Mpower Luxury Packaging Case Study

The importance of custom retail packaging in regards to structure and brand messaging in regards to breaking through products. Insert Image Insert Image Insert Image Insert Image Problem: Portable lighting solutions are widely recognized and accepted by most consumers. Flashlights and headlamps are some of the most common personal lighting solutions we see in our day […]

Amabrush Cosmetic Packaging Case Study

A Packaging  Case study Problem: When a brand decides to break away from the norm and create something new they face the challenge of adoption with consumers who are already familiar and comfortable form and status quo of a product. The toothbrush we know today started being mass produced in 1938. Since then, toothbrushes have […]

The role of the rigid box in luxury packaging

04/16/19 | 4-Minute Read   Premium rigid boxes, also known as “paper over board,” are some of the most commonly used and sought after boxes within the luxury packaging industry. Rigid boxes differ from other boxes in a few keyways; most notably, material thickness, opening/closing experience, and manufacturing methods. Typically rigid boxes are four to five times […]